Greetings to our Memphis UMC Family and Friends,
Things to Know….

We had such a great time in worship this morning I just didn’t want to wait until Wednesday to lift up prayers of praise to God for all the choirs and musicians who worked so hard  to make our Worship so obviously filled with the Spirit’s power.

Our 8 AM service was a joy to be in. I have received a couple of comments from folks who said that the sermon touched them in a completely unexpected way and thanked me for offering up a word about Mary’s journey and how our journey can be just as exciting and filled in the presence of God.
Our 10 AM worship was a true celebration of the Season. Several members have said it was the best Service of Christmas Music they can remember in a long time. It was an absolute joy to see young and old, men, women and children all serving God faithfully and raising our spirits in the process.
Thanks, again, to everyone who shared their talents to make that happen; and, to all those came and worshiped with us making our efforts worth the while.
The Community Choir Christmas Concert was icing on the cake. Our afternoon was kicked off by the “world renowned” Memphis UMC Bell Choir. Their number was simply spectacular and set the bar for the choir. “Our King Has Come” was presented by the Community Choir. The Cantata was a great mix of Traditional, Gospel, Soulful and Contemporary pieces that told the Joy, Excitement, Passion and Heart-filled Love of God for all of Creation in the birth, life and gift of Jesus Christ. Special thanks to all those who gave of their time and efforts to give us such a fantastic worship experience. I understand that in the next few days you should be able to find a recording of this presentation on the web-site.
We have one more Sunday worship opportunity before Christmas. I would like to create a special video for that service. It will be centered around our children and youth.  I took several pictures this morning. But no all of our kids were in church today. I would like to include all of our children in the video.  If you have a child or grandchild, please, help make sure they are in the video. Reply to this email with a picture of your child, children and grandchildren so I can include them in the video.
Candlelight Christmas Eve Service, Wednesday, Dec. 24, 5 PM, at the Presbyterian Church.

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